When’s the best time to purchase a cruise?

Just like with airplane tickets, this question gets asked a lot. The answer isn’t easily defined.

Why not?

Cruise lines run many different types of sales throughout the year. Sales vary whether you can plan last minute or if, like me, you are a long-term planner.

What can you tell me?

The good news is that January through March is known as Wave Season. The major cruise lines run various sales throughout this time period. Hey, guess what? It’s March 23! Get on that next cruise!

I’m not ready to purchase now. When’s the next time?

Another good time to purchase is September and October for the following year. At this point of the year, cruisers are done with summer vacations and are starting to look at the following year. Usually additional amenities are added into sales prices this time of year. Items like free gratuities, drink and meal packages.

How far in advance should I book?

If you are free of responsibilities and don’t need airfare, you can wait to see what cabins need to be filled, and go from there to find the best deal. For the rest of us, book as far out as you can and during the Wave season, when dates are just released or in the fall post-trip haze. You can also get special deals on board if you book on board your current cruise — either by getting a certificate toward your next cruise or by actually putting a deposit down.

So, what’s next?

Email me and let me help you find the best fit and best deal for you!

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