When’s the best time to plan a cruise?

While this is a difficult question, there are many tips that can help you get the best deal on your cruise.

  1. When the itinerary first is released. Recently Royal Caribbean released their 2018-2019 itinerary for the Caribbean and I’ve seen some super low prices. E-mail me and I can help walk you through an amazing vacation and the best you can get for your budget!
  2. September! When you’ve just come back from your summer vacation, cruise lines are tempting you with free on board gratuity and other great perks. Spend your summer looking for the itinerary you want for 2018, and I can help make your dream come true!
  3. January-March. In the travel agency, this is wave season. Best deals hands down. If you didn’t book during the times listed above, watch the cruises you want (or better yet, let me do it for you) and then pounce when the sales come forth in winter.

We have 41 days until our cruise, which we booked during September of last year and we can’t wait! Watch this space for my review of the Norwegian Escape. It’s sure to be a blast!

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