What to pack for a cruise?

As we get ready to depart on the NCL Escape, I went back to my trusty cruise list for those things that I simply can’t do without on a cruise. For a family of 5, we have a lot of “must haves” that cost a lot more if we don’t prepare. Preparing is key. We usually drive to Florida, so room is not the issue.

Here are my must haves!

  • Tide pen
  • small blue tooth speaker for music in room
  • Bonine for kids and adults
  • Downey wrinkle release  (smells great and no more wrinkles!)
  • nail clippers
  • ear plugs (in case the cabin is noisy!)
  • wet ones (small children, plus melting ice cream es no bueno!)
  • camera and extra sd cards and extra batteries
  • headphones
  • Power strip (Make sure your power strip DOES NOT have the surge protector. They’ll confiscate it. )
  • multi usb charger for charging devices
  • Highlighters for the Daily Schedule
  • First aid and over the counter drugs (we bring kids cold medicine, pain relievers and tummy medicine)
  • bandaids and antibacterial cream
  • waterproof bag for phone
  • magnet hooks (can hang wet stuff up or hats or jackets — walls are all magnetic)
  • sunblock (bring enough for the whole time, it’s expensive in port and on the ship!)
  • spf lip balm
  • aloe for after sun in case get burnt
  • bug spray
  • garbage bags (for dirty laundry)
  • dryer sheets (just a few to put in dirty laundry bag so don’t smell)
  • nightlight
  • copy of passports and driver’s licenses (keep separate from actual passports and licenses — bring copies of passports into port with you)
  • blister feet rub stick (if your excursions will take you far)
  • powder gatorade (in case of tummy trouble or hangovers)
  • kids snorkel stuff
  • large towel clips (so you know which chairs are yours)
  • lanyards for kids room cards (so they don’t lose them)
  • special stuffed animals or blankets for little ones
  • beach bags
  • water shoes
  • hats and sunglasses for all
  • goggles
  • air spray for bathroom
  • anti-itch cream
  • cards
  • snacks (only take ones that don’t melt and remember you can bring small cereal boxes with you off the ship for snacks in port)
  • ziploc bags (for receipts, snacks, small items)
  • small umbrella
  • glow sticks from dollar store and white clothing for glow party (if on NCL)
  • 80s costume if want to dress up for 80s night (if on NCL)
  • hanging up bathroom organizer to hang on back of bathroom door
  • One set of something with sleeves/pants in case cool
  • back up eye glasses/contacts
  • sanitizing towelettes for room (door handles, remote control — anything you touch)

After that, Bon Voyage!

Can’t wait to share our experience on board the NCL Escape!

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